Car cleaning services had long established in Malaysia. The evolution in this business had been tremendously venture into a new era of car cleaning industry by introducing the automatic cleaning machine. Car wash business has become sensational due to new lifestyle as people are more affordable. In our life, transportation is a need for us. In developing countries, public transportation has been prepared for people but these could not meet the huge demand from public anymore. Nowadays we are lacking of time to take good care of our car simply because of rush working hours. Most of the cars’ owner would prefer the car washing companies to take care of their cars and this happened increasingly from time to time. Along with the increase in car production, auto car-wash machines already a high profile business. SCSB believe that it can become a leading company in providing such services not only in Malaysia but thru-out Asia.

Corporate Info

Company Name : Smart Cyclone Sdn. Bhd. (478433-A)

Established : 8th of March 1999

Business Address : 18 Lebuh Gelugor, 11600 Penang

Telephone : 604-6592207/6582726

Fax : 604-6592209

Authorized Capital : RM5 Million

Paid Up Capital : RM2 Million

Company Secretary : Interesources Secretarial Service, Room B, 3rd Floor, 309-K, Jalan Perak 10150 Penang

Auditors : Tan & Loh Chartered Accountant, Room A, 3rd Floor, 309-O, Jalan Perak 10150 Penang

Bankers : Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad, Hong Leong Bank, Eon Bank Berhad

Principal Activity : The Company is an importer/exporter of car wash Machinery/chemicals and provider of car wash service.



Smart Cyclone Sdn. Bhd. is expanding its business activities from just engaging in car wash service to trading car wash materials and car wash machines. SCSB is providing several types of car wash services in their car wash center . Such as washing, vacuuming, waxing and polishing cars, and also engine cleaning in their car wash center.  SCSB is specialized in car washing machine. We provide the right solution, services and products to take care of your car.

Planning & Strategy

Car wash industry is very competitive but it is profitable business. In order to have smooth flow of business operation, SCSB has the plan and strategy for the new projects in malaysia. As the prospect of the car wash industry is encouraging, SCSB is planning to expand the business throughout Malaysia / Asia

Quality & Service

Taiwan economic ability is famous in the world but Rome was not built in one day. We think it is not miracle because Taiwanese work day and night so Taiwan is still progressing. Along with the increase in car production, auto car wash machine already develop a high profile business. The tunnel type car wash machine can clean and quick wash car, so become main type in the market.

SCSB with it related associate partners in Taiwan has more than 20 years experiencein the car wash industry and has been producing the car wash machine for more than 15 years. That is why we are different with the other car wash manufacturers.

With the new advancement in the technology and demand in the market, we are continously will enhance the development, research and creativity toward in producing, the best quality and high performance car wash in the market


Mr. Ashri Bin Ismail - Malaysian

Class D & F contractor background. Joining Mr. Chen (Taiwanese) to start car wash business in 2001 as Director to handle public relation (Architect, Municipal Council licence, TNB, water supply, law enforcement and customer)

Datin Ong Bee Lean - Malaysian

The key person behind the industries has more than 12 years of experience. She believe that the successful in this business is unquestionable of the thing being operated in the correct manner. Service is an act of performance offered by one party to another due to this she has been actively involved directly in the marketing plan and strategy. She had drawn out the basic plans to make sure that the customer will continuously attracted to the center and become their value regular client.

Dato' Chen, Jen-Ping-Taiwanese

With more than 15 years experience in car wash industry. He has started the first car wash business in Taiwan. With a strong believe, he started to explore Asia market. Now SCSB is one of leading car wash companies with 33 over branches in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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